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New picture gallery: beach at low tide at Kandili Villa

16 Nov

There is a wide turquoise-blue strip which lines Zanzibar’s East Coast: this is the shallow-water between the land and the coastal barrier reef. Given that the tide retreats almost to the reef in many parts of the East Coast . The map shows the location of Kandili Villa on a strip of cliff with beaches North and South of it. Kandili Villa is 4.5 km North of Matemwe village.

The villa sits on a 9 m coral cliff. Just a few steps down a wooden stair and your toes sink into soft white sand. As the tide rises the beach vanishes, and the villa becomes an isolated haven. When the tide drops and the beach reappears, washed and swept by the sea. The villa is once again connected to the outside world and you can watch as local fishermen drag their boats out of the sea, and women and children hunt the shallows for shellfish.

The beach is therefore not private. It is not guarded either, so snorkeling and swimming are at your own risks. A timetable of the tides is provided. It is forbidden to swim beyond the reef barrier as you would be then in deep waters and no boat is available.