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Our first review on Trip Advisor!

22 Sep

“Songwriters Paradise”


As a songwriter, one dreams of a place to write where it would be quiet, peaceful & tranquil, inspiring & to really top off the whole desire & dream, there would also be a beautiful ocean to look at.

 Yes, it’s been a dream for me and for most creative artists who would do anything for such a place. When I was brought to Kandili Villa just last week, (seems like ages ago now, as I
sit here in Copenhagen Denmark, just a little bit colder 🙂 I could not believe my very eyes.

 The front doors were opened up for me and as I walked in this beautiful villa, I froze in my steps just to take in all the beauty of the ocean view. The whole first level is where you’ll find the kitchen area and two sitting areas or living rooms with the far wall being glass windows so you can sit there and look out on to the ocean.

Then I was taken up to the master bedroom where I’d be staying. Again, doors with glass windows opening up to the terrace. It was here on this terrace where I’d spend the next 3 days. Sitting, thinking, writing, composing & with my MacBook Pro, I’d actually have the opportunity to record my ideas.

I was able to compose a new song which I am currently mixing now in the studio, it’s called, “Keep your head to the sky” and it’s a song I’ve written for all the Zanzibarians as a tribute song.

Thanks to the manager at Kandili Villa and her staff who were all very helpful, attentive and kind.

Welcome to Zanzibar Island, Karibu Kandili Villa!

15 Sep

The name Zanzibar refers to the archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of mainland Tanzania, made up of Unguja, the largest island, commonly called Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and other smaller islands. Compared to the mainland, Zanzibar can often seem like a different country and that’s largely because the archipelago and its people have their own unique history and culture, influenced strongly by the traders and invaders over the centuries, from the Portuguese and Omani Arabs to the English.

Unlike mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar doesn’t have tribes. Instead local traditions are a fusion of different ethnic groups that settled on the islands, resulting in events like Pemba bull fights from the Portuguese and Mwaka Kogwa, the celebration of the Persian New Year. In recent years, Zanzibar has gained internationally prominence as a cultural centre, hosting the Sauti za Busara music festival and the Zanzibar International Film Festival, showing how the islands have succeeded in celebrating their heritage, while moving towards the future.

Welcome to Kandili Villa, Karibu Zanzibar Island!