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Kizimkazi, South-West of Zanzibar: dolphins, coconuts and dagaa…

31 Mar

Set in the remote southwest corner of Zanzibar, the village of Kizimkazi is an apparently insignificant little fishing village which happens to be of great historical importance, being one of the first places that the Shirazi people from Persia settled along this coast.

The coastline here is very different from the classic palm-backed lagoon of the east coast. Here a coral rag cliff elevates the waterfront above the ocean and the beaches take the form of small coves rather than broad expanses of sand.

For decades now Kizimkazi has been best known as a location to ‘swim with dolphins’.  In this area inhabit two species of dolphins: the bottlenose and the Humpback. The Bottlenose are very friendly and they accept the human approach. The Humpback are more shy and they feel scared if you dive in to the water. For past years tourists visiting Kizimkazi for dolphin safaris have created some impacts, in particular a negative one is that the families get stressed to see too many boats and many people jumping into the water at the same intervals.

The Kizimkazi Mosque is a mosque situated on the southern tip of the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania and is one of the oldest Islamic buildings on the East African coast. Despite its name, it is located in Dimbani, not Kizimkazi, which is three miles away (this is because the official names of these two joined villages are Kizimkazi Dimbani and Kizimkazi Mtendeni). According to a preserved kufic inscription, it was built in 1107 by settlers from Shiraz. Although the inscription and certain coral-carved decorative elements date from the period of construction, the majority of the present structure was rebuilt in the 18th century.

Karamba Resort is set in the fisherman’s village of Kizimkazi, on the South West coast of Zanzibar. In the Menai Bay Conservation area. The village women, sit on the beach, and weave ropes from coconut pods. The sea front restaurant offers local and international cuisine, with an emphasis on Mediterranean dishes and fish, seafood, sushi and sashimi, vegetarian and yogic sattvic meals.