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Snorkeling and diving at Mnemba Island from Kandili Villa

1 Nov

Diving and snorkel off Mnemba Atoll is always a treat as you never quite know what you will find. The visibility can be a stunning 40 mtrs. if you time the dive on an incoming tide. What makes Mnemba Atoll different to diving from town is the amount of schooling fish, from Striped Snapper, Surgeon Fish and up to ten green Turtles can be seen on one dive. If you look hard enough you will find the masters of disguise the Frog Fish who camouflage themselves so that they are not seen by predators.



You will find the following sites at Menmba Atoll:

Leon’s Wall: Experienced Divers; 35-50m, Wall dive with several caves, variety of coaral fish, snappers, big game fish.

West Bank: Experienced Divers; 18-40m, Cray fish, reef sharks, rainbow runners.

Deep Drift Dives: Experienced Divers;

Big Wall: Experienced divers, 35-60m, pelagics, rainbow runners, jewfish, yellowfin, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles.

Drift Dives: Mid level divers, 20-40m, pelagics, travally, rainbow runners, scorpion fish, stone fish.

Small Wall: Exprienced divers, 30-60m, overhangs, schools of fish, pelagics, black ribbon tail, sting rays.

Kitchwani: All level divers, 20-40m, Mushroom, honeycomb, brain & staghorn coral, yellow snappers, travally.

Wattabomy: All level divers, 12-25m, rays, eels, nudi branchs, snappers, small reef fish, angel fish, lion fish.

Aquarium: All level divers, Snappers, turtles, rays, sharks, surgeon fish, moorsih idols, parrot fish, groupers.

Groupers Rock: All level divers, 16-25m, Groupers, rays, sharks, turtles.

Don’t miss Mnemba Atoll while at Kandili Villa!




Welcome to Zanzibar Island, Karibu Kandili Villa!

15 Sep

The name Zanzibar refers to the archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of mainland Tanzania, made up of Unguja, the largest island, commonly called Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and other smaller islands. Compared to the mainland, Zanzibar can often seem like a different country and that’s largely because the archipelago and its people have their own unique history and culture, influenced strongly by the traders and invaders over the centuries, from the Portuguese and Omani Arabs to the English.

Unlike mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar doesn’t have tribes. Instead local traditions are a fusion of different ethnic groups that settled on the islands, resulting in events like Pemba bull fights from the Portuguese and Mwaka Kogwa, the celebration of the Persian New Year. In recent years, Zanzibar has gained internationally prominence as a cultural centre, hosting the Sauti za Busara music festival and the Zanzibar International Film Festival, showing how the islands have succeeded in celebrating their heritage, while moving towards the future.

Welcome to Kandili Villa, Karibu Zanzibar Island!