Loulou restaurant in Stone Town: A passion story with Belgium chocolate

20 Apr

Loulou is a refreshing find with its stylish modern setting, romantic lighting, cool air-conditioning & gorgeous upscale cuisine.

Using fresh seasonal ingredients combined with the finest of imported Belgian flavors, LOULOU is a completely unique experience in Stone Town & considered one of its best restaurants.

LOULOU Restaurant is conveniently located in the Heart of Stown only a few meters walk from Dhow Palace and Africa House Hotel on Kenyatta Road at the Shangani Street Junction.

Some of LOULOU specialties include: Poisson Cru, Shrimp Croquettes, Local Crab Pasta (Rich, garlic and white wine cream sauce with generous amounts of local, fresh crabmeat.), Rock Lobster over Fresh Linguini, Peppered Beef Fillet, Classic Belgian Waffles, Chocolate Mousse (Creamy chocolate mousse topped with crunchy chocolate shavings. All made with imported pure dark Belgian Chocolate), Fillet of Fish with Passion Mousseline (Fresh catch-of-the-day, with a mellow, full-bodied passion fruit mousseline (cream sauce), Served with glazed carrots).


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